Master in Corporate Finance

Enter the world of global finance.

The Master in Corporate Finance (MCF) is an intense and stimulating one-year program in English, designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive innovation and master different international finance management techniques and tools, whether you work for a company or an institution. We train an élite of highly skilled finance professionals, well equipped to take their future career to the highest levels.



MCF is the Master for you if

  • You want to offer high quality solutions to financial problems.
  • You want to be provided with the most advanced techniques of Financial Management.
  • You are looking for a blend of leadership and respect for others, ethics and appreciation of diversity.
  • You want an internationally recognized qualification, obtained in an international class
  • You want to operate in complex scenarios with unique tools and capabilities.
  • You want to develop your career in the finance industry (corporate finance management, banking & financial institutions, financial advisory, asset management, real estate).

10 Reasons Why

Why choose a Master of Finance in Italy, at SDA Bocconi?


What MCF can offer you

  • A Specialized Master 100% finance-focused, to form professional graduates
  • Practical and applied financial knowledge and technical skills
  • Ability to directly tackle financial tasks without any additional training
  • B-School intense teaching methods (business cases, business games, professional faculty, simulation, software)
  • Specialized technical preparation by a faculty that has strong links with the financial community.

“Learning and practicing Finance means being at the center of the stage in the economic world. The most motivated and ambitious people do it and they are rewarded with professional and personal satisfactions and monetary outcomes. So, do you want to be at the center of the stage with us?
Alberto Dell'Acqua
 | MCF Director

MCF Global Experience

SDA Bocconi MCF students are offered the opportunity to complete their education either  in New York or in Mumbai by joining  the NY Track with Fordham University’s Master of Science in Global Finance (MSGF), or by attending the Mumbai Track at MISB Bocconi.

A fact about MCF

Most MCF graduates go on to enjoy a successful career in finance, fulfilling their original goals when choosing this program. MCF Alumni professional track record provides evidence that 95% of MCF 2015 graduates got a job in Finance related functions within a year after completing the Master program.

Prof. #Altman teaching at the #MCF class 16th ed. @sdabocconi#master #finance
How do you position #Finance within the #Corporate world? This is how I do...@sdabocconi #MCF#Milan

“Coming from a non-financial background, the MCF was my ticket to the world of Finance, and in a bulge-bracket firm too.”
Dimitrios Gkalimanis - Greek | MCF 2016
JP Morgan, Corporate Investment Banking, Credit Risk Analist


“Thanks to what I’ve learned in terms of both hard and soft skills, I managed to successfully compete with international candidates for a position abroad.”
Maria Chiara Caviggioli, Italian | MCF 2016
Moody's Investors Service UK, Associate Analyst

The MCF will open up doors for creating a prominent network. Eventually, the hard work will pay off, and you start doing what you always wanted to.”
Simona Kostadinova, Bulgarian | MCF 2015
Analyst, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

I recommend the MCF to those who want to empower Finance knowledge and personal qualities with international exposure. ”
Mattia Sartor, Italian | MCF 2014
Consultant, Deloitte Financial Advisory

Benefits of choosing MCF

An invaluable asset for you and your company

The MCF is an international specialized Master that offers skills and knowledge that will enable you to reach new heights and make the most of your potential. Working day after day with others, you will verify your own ideas of management and assess the results with classmates, teachers and tutors.

A special approach to business and life

The program is divided into 4 stages, from foundation modules in finance to field projects. The structure of the program is flexible enough to be able to include debates, activities, coaching, firms' presentations, team building, etc.

A growing network, treasuring  teamwork and diversity

The MCF network includes participants from several countries and widely varied professional backgrounds, lecturers, guest speakers and the entire Bocconi Alumni Association. Bocconi Professors, tutors and Visiting Professors will offer a broad perspective. Business consultants, company managers and entrepreneurs will bring you their daily experience of managerial life: a fine blend of theory and practice.

Milano: not just a financial capital

This Program gives you the chance to live and study in the heart of one of Europe's most dynamic and productive regions. Your work will alternate between individual study and group interaction.
You will have the opportunity to discover everything that Milano has to offer, in addition to being Italy’s financial and industrial capital. Although the program is very demanding, learning more about the city will certainly be an interesting part of your stay.