A new International School of Business in Mumbai by SDA Bocconi: MISB Bocconi

MISB Bocconi is the new International Business School based in Mumbai as an initiative of SDA Bocconi, granting post graduate and post experience management education to meet the career  aspirations of the best students and participants and the needs of a changing global environment.

MISB Bocconi provides its students the tools and opportunities to develop their personality, employability and entrepreneurial expertise  and equips them with cutting edge skills to meet the needs of the employment sector. MISB Bocconi ensures industry interaction,  practical experience and projects which prepare students and participants for jobs and entrepreneurship.

MISB Bocconi represents the ultimate international initiative of SDA  Bocconi, that chose India as home for its first offshore campus. Given its impressive economic growth and social transformation, with a huge  
young and talented population, India is the best place for matching the demand for quality management education with the top-tier educational offer of SDA Bocconi School of Management.



“MISB Bocconi represents the pillar in establishing a long-term presence for SDA Bocconi in India. The creation of a new school located in Mumbai aims to provide a solid, innovative  and concrete presence respectful of the  Indian culture.  

Solid because of the benefit of the wide and robust expertise of SDA Bocconi faculty that has been built through many years of international teaching and research. Innovative for the idea of positioning  the school as a dynamic bridge between  students, faculty and corporations, continuously sharing their energies, needs and experiences in the very heart of Mumbai, following the concept of an “urban campus” as SDA Bocconi has been for 40 years in the heart of Milan. Concrete because the start-up of the school is based on a single flagship programme, the Post Graduate Program in Business (PGPB), and on executive education to focus all the effort before progressively building a larger portfolio as the community around the school becomes larger. Respectful of the Indian culture because the project is based on the creation of a mixed faculty where SDA Bocconi professors will work together with newly recruited Indian faculty staying in Mumbai and in India.

MISB Bocconi offers the experience, the international outlook and the multicultural environment essential for an international career in a global economy. The combination of theory and practice encourages students and executives to have a creative and problem-solving approach; the international exposure educates them to succeed at a local and global level as well as to have a grasp of cultural intricacies. In a nutshell, MISB will educate people to combine strong Indian roots and Indian culture with a global view”.

Stefano Caselli, MISB Bocconi Academic Director